Terms And Conditions

1. Acceptance Of Terms

The services provided to you are subject to the following “Terms and Conditions” (T&C). Changes to the “T&C” can be made at any moment without any prior notices. The changes take effect 10 days after they are published, and do not affect ongoing projects.

2. Privacy

The personal information collected from you will not be shared under any circumstances. If it will be absolutely necessary to share your information with someone else your permission will be required prior to sharing the information.

3. Services

The services are provided as is, without any type of warranty. Everything will be checked and tested before the completed project is handed over to you. You will have the chance to test everything and point out any flaws/issues/errors which will be corrected/fixed if necessary.

The completed project is handed over to you only once the complete payment has been made.

4. Support:

4.1 Support Custom Projects And Services

Free support will not be provided for the projects that have been modified by you or someone else.

If you require assistance with a modified project, you will be charged base don the amount of time required to make those changes. You will receive a quote for the changes that need to be made.

Emails are usually answered in less than 48 hours, except on weekends, but we do not guarantee this. In some cases it can take more than 48 hours until you receive a reply.

Unsolicited emails (spam) will be ignored.

4.2 Support For Premium Items

You will receive limited free support for premium items only for bug fixes.

5. Payments

Only payments made with PayPal are accepted.

For projects with costs that exceed $100 or if you are not a previous customer, a 50% upfront payment is required. The rest of the payment will be made once the project is completed, before it is handed over to you.

The only email address used for PayPal payments is “paypal[@]pixek.com”.

No type of tangible or intangible goods are provided, only services.

6. Refunds

Refunds are only offered if an upfront payment has been made.

Refunds are offered only if the project cannot be completed due to technical or personal issues. A partial refund can be offered if the project has already been started and parts of it are done.

A refund will also be offered if you decide to cancel ongoing projects, but the amount that will cover the costs for what has already been completed will be retained.

Refunds for premium items sold through other marketplaces are not offered.

7. These Terms Apply To

All products, services and websites owned/managed/created/supported by Cosmin Cotor unless otherwise specified on each of those products, services or websites.

Some products, services and websites may be subjected to other terms and conditions and it is your responsibility to check if that is the case. If that is the case, these "T&C" no longer affect those products, services and websites.

8. Changes

Changes made to the “T&C” will not affect ongoing projects. The changes will affect projects started 10 days after the changes have been published.